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An interactive chain of command that drives the USER car through the MENDtm navigation platform.

The USER will be able to activate a full palette of tools to make the global journey to the ARCADE, where the opening index to the Book Series: MEET THE MELODY MAKERS is found.

The journey activates the Characters into full action and play and INITIALIZES their Trademark signature and BRAND.

The characters appear in a Full Epic, Film script, Book series, Games, Music CDs and Music Library,and other products and merchandise.

In order to enter the Barrington road show (moving from city to city) and their virtual knowledge storage facility, a license for MENDtm tools, merchandise, characters and products needs to be obtained.

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Mardi has completed a book/game series as a business vehicle; and a legal thriller, "The Spell of Vaugirard". It is new entertainment franchise model that presents an innovative platform for copyright in a wireless world. Each of the characters in the epic holds a different part of a melodic puzzle. All product lines are connected by music clues that form a puzzle. The dynasty puzzle is the TRADEMARK ENCRYPTION for the global enterprise.

Product Lines Available:

  • RAE'S DREAMLIFE - CD liner notes to secret language
    (Check out the blog & get to download the first chapter
    of The Skeleton Score for free.)

    The Skeleton Score Book Jacket text and
    Clues to the Diabolical Plot

  • The Spell of Vaugirard - A Summary of The 5 Book Series
    by Mardi Ellen Hill.

  • The Trick Palace - Film Script

  • Soundbyte Rae - Initializing Music CD

  • Numerous Video Game/On-Line Platforms

  • Full Music Library of Other CDs

  • Visual Prototypes & Tools

  • Education & Business Applications & Books

  • Interactive Demo

CLICK HERE to enter personal Signature and
become part of the Dynasty Puzzle

To request any of the items above please contact
Mardi-Ellen Hill