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Welcome to the world of
A New Interactive Media Mode
l --
the Barrington Manufacturing and Power Plant...........

A new navigation on-line platform uses a encrypted music CD as navigational tool to transport the USER through an interactive maze to decode an Epic Storyboard of products, media and merchandise.

For the entry access, a USER signs up to get into the show and there is a bonus to get into the after show party; where a sneak preview of a newly released CD and other tools are bite into the music CD snags the USER into the interactive maze that is orchestrating and cementing the (global) TONES spelling out critical information and data around the murder of the company STAR taking place ...."up the road a bit on Park Avenue".....

The USER has unwittingly become part of the Barrington dynasty stock and trade and will be embroiled in the legal wrangling over STAR singer Rachel Barrington's rights. When the time comes to get out of the interactive maze, solving her murder will require many new knowledge skills. The USER is up against many challenges driven by the Barrington characters and their inventive strategies to keep their dynasty closed to the public.

In fact--
To freeze her Company's assets (which includes the forensics trail/grid of the encyrpted tones) the Barrington Matriarch sends the dynasty into lock down; until the audience can find a way to help Rachel's Mother protagonist Lily Barrington get out of the virtual Library Of Congress where Users can solve the murder.

A Early Drawing of MEND™ --
How the town's secret message travels with the family.

Click here to enlarge drawing.

ODETT's ASCENT, a very modern-day mystery thriller, tells the story of an ancient spell that is used to invoke a DNA code for royalty. An innocent eight-year old girl, denied the knowledge of her royal power because of a nasty family feud, suddenly finds herself trapped in a secret vault. The city of Paris needs her help, for without it, the entire city is sweet into the spell's massive twilight zone. Luckily, with her majestic powers and through the meticulous plan of her grandparents, she is able to form a marvelous global maze of tunes that send a message S.O.S. The spell is very old and the code is even older. Throughout the centuries it has been recorded in various forms that only learned men and women could decipher. At the end of the 19th Century a lovely verse was composed to hide the heretical nature of the evolutionary tale. It was cleverly wound into the architectural grid of the city of Paris. Only the true Princess now holds the key to the hidden musical path through Paris that will break open the age-old scourge and release us into the 21st century.

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