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Rev. Lyn Bradley is a pastor and teacher in the Congregational church, the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches. She serves First Congregational Church in Millinocket, Maine, where she was installed in October, 2004.

Lyn grew up in Minnesota and Connecticut and came to Maine by way of far northern New York State, western Tennessee, and Brooklyn, NY. She received a BA from Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota., and an MDiv (Master of Divinity, the "ordaining" degree in most church fellowships) in 1983 from Yale University Divinity School. She was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1984 in Fairfield, Connecticut, and has moved back and forth between the church and human services ever since.

Rev. Lyn is a candidate to receive a Doctor of Ministry degree in May, 2010, from Bangor (Maine) Theological Seminary, with a project entitled "Coming Home for Christmas: Using a Traditional Musical Event to Increase Knowledge of the Holy Spirit". She lives with her husband and three cats in a big old parsonage in a lovely town at the foot of Mt. Katahdin, where the closing of the paper mill in 2002 has caused significant hardship. She has been here since August, 2004.

John Kiehl graduated from MIT in 1973 with two undergraduate degrees; one in Electrical Engineering and one in Humanities (Music). He tucked those degrees safely away in his glove compartment -- saving them for a rainy day -- and hit the road as an itinerate musician with all the nievety and hubrous of any 22 year old. The rainy day never came. Instead in 1978, with a partner, Harvard graduate, Rob Cavicchio, John built Boston's second multi-track recording studio which ten years later expanded into New York. Today Soundtrack Recording Studios pridefully boasts Martin Scorcese ("The Departed","Shine A Light","The Aviator"), Spike Lee ("Inside Man","When The Levy Broke"), Ron Howard("Cinderella Man"), Dick Wolf Productions ("Law & Order"), Warner Bros., Universal, HBO ("Sex & The City"),"Gossip Girl", "The Good Wife","Fringe" among his film and TV clientele as well as Volkswagen, Nike, Burger King, BOSE among his corporate/advertising clients. Soundtrack is also FINISH editorial a complete video production company with film to tape transfer capability and complete computer graphics capability.

In the interim John created and acted as creative director of the Aircraft Music Library producing over 150 albums of instrumental music, composed theme songs and underscores for numerous TV shows and produced independent artists most recently Corneliu Montano, 2005 finalist of french speaking Canada's version of American Idol.

The advent of the personal computer enticed and expedited John back to his love of mathematics and science. In pursuit of the self-imposed question, "How will the personal computer affect the life of the composer 50 years from now" John has invented numerous pieces of software that create organic environments between man and machine. CAcophony, one such software, allows the user to "play" Stephen Wolfram's cellular automaton patterns as outlined in Stephen's magnum opus "A New Kind Of Science". Actor Richard Dreyfuss, software programmer, wunderkind Luke duBois and John were recently award a US Patent for their software invention that creates a synethetic experience between music and computer graphics. John is a regular contributor to Stephen Wolfram's K-12 initiative And lastly John is working with dean Stephen Croes at Berklee School of Music in Boston to develop a compelling and appropriate curriculum in mathematics for the music student.

Most recently John is a consultant to the United Nations for their soon to be announced "Music As A Natural Resource" which will guide the exploitation of music in the implementation of the "Millennium Development Goals" which are targeting the great conundrums of modern life on our planet: poverty, health, woman issues, sustainability.

Mardi and John have drunk the same Kool-Aid.

For more than a decade, Russell Moore has effectively conveyed his clients' branding and marketing strategies through a variety of online initiatives. Whether its e-commerce implementations, email marketing or interactive websites, Russell's approach is to unify business strategy with functionality while delivering the information in an engaging environment.

Prior to founding Underscore, Russell was the Senior Interactive Designer for several local and national design agencies. In that role he was responsible for projects from strategy, architecture and design, through testing and implementation. This included managing a team of user experience architects, copywriters, UI and Flash designers and working closely with both the front and backend engineers to insure a quality experience for the users.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Russell has advanced web design by bringing it back to the basics. Drawing on his knowledge of Industrial Design and Ergonomics, he creates web sites that interact with users and clients in an intuitive and efficient manner.

Maja Sweeny graduated from Allegheny College with an art degree in 2009. In the short year after graduation, she drifted through her many multidisciplinary interests into various projects, both individually and as part of a team. Always looking for something to do and something to learn, her projects include: building a robot (; painting, photographing, and making jewelry (; writing; home repair; building an outdoor sculpture (; and, now, working with Mardi-Ellen Hill to publicize her MENDtm projects!

Maja currently works at a not-for-profit art gallery, assisting with wall prep, art handling, photographing and image editing, and general office activities.