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As a producer of both documentary and advertising projects I work in two very different creative fields. One in which I produce media content and the other in which I produce projects for the promotion of products. The Spell of Vaugirard is an exciting project that has great potential in both areas.

Before reading any of the written material for The Spell of Vaugirard, I was privileged to hear the music composed for the piece. I was quite moved by these haunting and powerful compositions that seem to evoke a great mystery, a mystical journey into our very existence. As a documentary filmmaker, I could envision this music being used as a score for a film of great magnitude if only one could find a befitting subject. After reading the accompanying material, I realized that the creation and production of this project, with its grand scope and many layers, would be riveting documentary in itself.

Today, consumers we are constantly bombarded with information from a multitude of advertising sources. The goal of any ad agency is to incorporate all media into one cohesive campaign that sets apart a product. The Spell of Vaugirard is a multimedia project that from ideation contains all the elements to create a brand that would be in the forefront of music, film, and computer technologies.

Mark Hubatsek
Executive Producer
Cinnabar Pictures, New York