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March 8th, 2007

This is an open letter, endorsing the innovative MENDT technology and the Star-Child franchise dutifully developed by Ms. Mardi-Ellen Hill. The letter is meant to illuminate what Things Are Changing Media sees as a compelling attempt at introducing a new paradigm to consumers.

Consumer appetite for interactive entertainment is an open door for a company willing to engage with consumers in creative ways and with quality content that satisfies their demand. Advancements in technology have contributed to the change in ways consumers access interactive content and media. The 21st century has given content creators far more abilities to expand their creativity into successful media franchises. THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD, originally a work for the stage, is a murder mystery conceived by composer and inventor Mardi-Ellen Hill, cleverly engineered into a franchise of books, films, music soundtracks, video games, and merchandise. What holds this complex arrangement together is the innovative nanotechnology, MENDT or Musical Encode Decode, an operating system that guides both the reader/user and the main characters binding them mysteriously together and utilized as the main tool for solving the murder at the center of the plot. Things Are Changing Media recognizes the incredible value and buzz that can be generated from the paradigm, if insight and strategic planning is used to roll out the technology.

The keen resemblance to other media franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars, in effect, show the numerous commercial ventures stemming from the paradigm. What will resonate with audiences worldwide is MENDT. As the reader reads deeper into the story, the reader learns the secret codes for deciphering the clues used to solve the murder. In effect, both the reader and the main character simultaneously learn the use of the technology.

While there are noticeable advancements in technology, a great deal of change is also happening with end user's. Changes in the consumption of media and purchases of technology have led to phrases like Web 2.0 being coined in order to describe new web based services and standards. What it reflects is the maturation of the Internet and the end user, a reality that shines favorably upon the franchise and paradigm of Ms. Hill.

Consumers want products that are pushing their imaginations, but can also be integrated by them easily into their own lifestyle. That's why the popularity of secondary Internet-based virtual worlds like Second Life are becoming all the rage. Users engage with each other, have their own currency, and see messages from brands that have set up real estate in the popular virtual world. There are 2 million people subscribed, on average 15,000 avatars or one's virtual representation are actively participating on Second Life; and the average person spends 4 hours a day on the site. The creator of this virtual world, Phillip Rosedale of Linden Labs, recently said about the software "Second Life is a very, very complicated piece of software built, bravely, by a fairly small team of engineers.It stretches the limits of technology." The possibilities of including MEND'sT virtual world into this virtual world would create a sophisticated link between realities, showing further that the possibilities are endless. These are times that have far exceeded even the most ambitious dreams of programmers just 20 years ago.

Every year that new markets evolve, revolutionary products and services emerge, creating new horizontal and vertical relationships. The MENDT technology has the power to ignite a new series of horizontal and vertical systems. The technology leads to a creation of interactive digital content, which if manufactured as part of portable media player or cell phone, can be used in many more ways. But this revolution did not occur overnight. The process was significantly altered, however, by the insight of individuals that saw the imminent globalization of information and technology, and anticipated the migration of consumers to the Internet. Media and technology companies are all scrambling to integrate their services into the

Internet world, but they are lacking the content that will engage the consumer. Those that carefully monitor new advances in technology will be rewarded with lucrative opportunities for long-term growth. That is precisely the sort of intuition and insight foreseen by Ms. Hill. Introducing a technology like MENDT into the marketplace will add to the proliferation of truly compelling interactive media.

Truly yours,
Joel Mejia, CEO
Things Are Changing Media